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WDW Best Day Ever Digital Marketing Campaign: Driving Magic Through Engaging Content


To enhance brand visibility and user engagement for Walt Disney World through the launch of the "WDW Best Day Ever" channel, spotlighting the experiences of renowned YouTubers and Disney Channel stars in the magical setting of Walt Disney World.


  • Elevating the WDW brand in an already saturated online entertainment market.

  • Showcasing authentic, unforgettable moments to resonate with viewers, encouraging them to create their own "Best Day Ever" at Walt Disney World.

  • Seamlessly blending promotional material with organic content for a genuine viewer experience.


1. Leveraging Star Power

  • Collaborated with popular YouTubers and Disney Channel celebrities to create and feature in the BDE series.

  • Used their clout to reach a wider demographic, particularly targeting the younger audience familiar with these personalities.

2. Diverse Content Strategy

  • Curated a mix of content from the core BDE series to bonus footage, offering viewers a comprehensive look into the various facets of Walt Disney World.

  • Highlighted must-see attractions and hidden gems in the park, encouraging exploration and revisits.

3. Engaging Digital Outreach

  • Utilized a multi-platform approach, promoting the channel and its content across various social media channels, Disney websites, and through influencers' platforms.

  • Encouraged user-generated content by inviting viewers to share their own BDE experiences with specific hashtags, creating a sense of community and personalization.

4. High-Quality Production

  • Ensured that all videos, whether core episodes or bonus footages, maintained high production values in line with the Disney brand.

  • Emphasized capturing genuine reactions and interactions, ensuring the content felt authentic and relatable.


  • Increased Brand Engagement | The fusion of recognizable faces and the enchantment of Walt Disney World resulted in higher viewer engagement, both in terms of views and interactions.

  • Heightened Visibility | The channel and its promotional tactics drew new audiences, further solidifying Walt Disney World's online presence.

  • User-generated Content Surge | The campaign inspired fans to share their own magical moments, amplifying the campaign's reach and generating organic publicity.

  • Elevated Park Visits | The experiential content drove intrigue and excitement, resulting in an uptick in Walt Disney World visitations.


PCM's digital marketing strategy for the WDW Best Day Ever campaign skillfully harnessed the magic of Walt Disney World with the charm of beloved internet and Disney Channel personalities. The blend of strategic content creation, star collaborations, and user engagement tactics led to a successful elevation of the WDW brand in the digital space.


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