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LegalEase Unbound: Revolutionizing Expungement through AI

Client | LegalEase

Industry | Legal Technology


To launch and position LegalEase as the trailblazing AI-powered expungement platform, addressing the challenges of traditional legal services in terms of time, access, and affordability.


The expungement process, essential for individuals seeking to clear criminal records, has historically been complex, costly, and time-consuming. LegalEase envisioned a transformation using AI, but the path to materializing this vision and positioning the platform effectively in the market posed substantial challenges.


Wearing dual hats as the CTO and CMO, Push Consulting and Marketing undertook a comprehensive approach:

  • AI Integration & Platform Development | As the interim CTO, we ensured the successful integration of AI technology into LegalEase's software. Our focus was on creating a user-friendly interface where the AI acts as a virtual legal assistant, guiding users seamlessly.

  • Branding & Market Positioning | As the interim CMO, we crafted LegalEase's brand voice, emphasizing its revolutionary approach to expungement. Through targeted content and marketing strategies, we highlighted the platform's benefits – efficiency, affordability, and accessibility.

  • User Engagement & Support | Recognizing the potential challenges users might face, we incorporated intuitive features and resources. This ensured users felt supported and confident navigating their expungement journey.


  • Market Disruption | LegalEase emerged as a pioneering solution in the legal tech space, challenging traditional expungement processes.

  • Broadened Access | By mitigating financial barriers, LegalEase expanded its reach, allowing a wider demographic to benefit from the platform and clearing their criminal records.

  • User Acclaim | The streamlined, hassle-free experience led to positive user feedback and testimonials, reinforcing the platform's efficacy and user-centric approach.


Push Consulting and Marketing's dual expertise in technology and marketing was instrumental in LegalEase's transformative journey. From ideation to execution, our collaboration ensured that LegalEase not only introduced a groundbreaking solution but also made a lasting impact in democratizing the legal expungement process.


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