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Redefining Entrepreneurship: L.A.'s Journey Towards Inclusive Business Narratives


Mayor's Office of Economic Development, Los Angeles


The City of Los Angeles is teeming with entrepreneurial spirit, with businesses sprouting in various corners of the city, enhancing the richness of the local communities. The Mayor’s Office recognizes entrepreneurship as a vehicle of prosperity and wants to simplify the business starting process for potential entrepreneurs.


While there's immense opportunity in L.A., starting a business isn't without its challenges. From securing startup financing to navigating bureaucratic processes, there are numerous obstacles to overcome. This campaign aimed to change the stereotypical perceptions surrounding entrepreneurship, with a focus on promoting women and minority business owners.


  1. Empower women and minorities to pursue entrepreneurial ventures.

  2. Highlight the resources available to new entrepreneurs.

  3. Alter mainstream perceptions about the potential success of women and minority-owned businesses.

Target Audience

Mainly women and minorities in L.A. and the broader public and financial institutions.

Strategy & Execution

  1. Print/Outdoor Campaign: Leveraging the city's access to free outdoor advertising, bus shelters, DASH bus ads, bus benches, and flyers at public libraries were used. This campaign showcased profiles of successful minority entrepreneurs, sending the message that success doesn't have a "typical look."

  2. Video Campaign: Five diverse entrepreneur success stories were filmed, humanizing the entrepreneurial journey and showing that it's attainable for everyone.

  3. Social Media Campaign: Social media kits, including posts for major platforms, were created. These posts were designed to drive engagement, share success stories, and promote the resources available to budding entrepreneurs.

Key Deliverables

  • Launch of the "You Look Like an Entrepreneur" print and video campaign.

  • Promotion of the Business Portal's new Pathways Platform using URL

  • Mayor logo and City Seal featured prominently in all campaign materials.


  1. Website Engagement: Traffic to the LA Business Portal increased from 7,000 hits per month to an impressive 20,000 hits during the campaign, with 5,000 click-throughs to the Pathways Web Platform.

  2. Social Media Engagement: The campaign witnessed a spike in social media followers and increased engagement.

  3. Tangible Business Impact: Over the long term, the city reported an uptick in the number of new businesses initiated, loans availed, and jobs created.


Several community partners amplified the campaign's reach, including LACSW, LA36, El Clasificado, KJLH Radio, La Opinion, and Power 106 FM.


The "You Look Like An Entrepreneur" campaign successfully challenged the conventional image of an entrepreneur, promoting diversity and inclusion. By combining empowering success stories with accessible resources, the Mayor's Office made significant strides in fostering a more inclusive business community in Los Angeles.


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