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Kollectin Unveiled: Pioneering AR in Jewelry Retail

Client: Kollectin

Industry: Online Jewelry Retail


Launch and position Kollectin as a premier destination for micro-entrepreneurs looking to set up their personalized online jewelry store and capitalize on the booming trend of Augmented Reality (AR) in marketing.


While the concept of Kollectin was unique, integrating AR technology seamlessly and effectively communicating its features to potential users posed a significant challenge. AR in the marketing space had only started gaining traction, with giants like Nike and Gap leading the charge. Kollectin aimed to bring this immersive technology to the jewelry sector.


As the interim CMO, Push Consulting and Marketing undertook a series of strategic initiatives:

Brand Voice & Content Creation | We played a pivotal role in crafting Kollectin's brand voice, ensuring it resonated with micro-entrepreneurs. Our team also oversaw the creation of engaging content, weaving stories that connected with the audience.

Social Media Management | We devised and executed a robust social media strategy to showcase Kollectin's unique offerings and communicate the value proposition effectively.

AR Feature Launch | Recognizing the potential of AR in transforming online shopping experiences, we spearheaded the launch of Kollectin's "Xperience Mode." This feature allowed customers to virtually try on jewelry, bridging the gap between online shopping and in-person browsing.


  • Successful AR Integration | With our strategic guidance, Kollectin seamlessly integrated the AR feature, gaining significant attention in the industry. The "Xperience Mode" not only elevated Kollectin's standing but also became a hallmark of their innovative approach.

  • Industry Recognition | Kollectin's endeavors in AR were highlighted in prominent industry articles, placing them alongside brands like Nike, Gap, and H&M. Their forward-thinking approach was evident through their adoption of AR, especially in a sector like jewelry, which traditionally relied on physical showcasing.


Push Consulting and Marketing's expertise in brand building and tapping into emerging technologies was instrumental in Kollectin's journey. Our collaborative efforts ensured that Kollectin not only established a strong digital presence but also redefined online jewelry shopping with its innovative AR feature.


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