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Harmonizing Music with Innovation: The 2015 Revolt Music Conference Reinvention by PCM


The music industry was undergoing a tectonic shift in 2015, with streaming emerging as the dominant form of distribution. Recognizing this, PCM took charge of rebranding and repositioning the 2nd annual Revolt Music Conference (RMC). Held at the Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach, the refocused event encapsulated the theme “The Merging of Music, Technology, and Innovation.”


  1. Transition the conference from its traditional music business roots to emphasize the technological evolution in the industry.

  2. Foster a deeper understanding of the streaming landscape and its implications for music.

  3. Create an interactive platform for industry stalwarts from both music and tech sectors.

Strategies and Tactics:

1. Highlighting the Technological Shift:

  • Designed panels that specifically addressed the convergence of music and technology, especially the rise of streaming.

  • Introduced sessions like “From Start-Up to IPO” to shed light on the business side of tech in music.

2. Engaging the Right Stakeholders:

  • Invited technocrats, streaming service pioneers, and digital experts to lead and engage in discussions.

  • Ensured traditional music industry leaders were also present, facilitating a dialogue between the old and new facets of the business.

3. Integrative Sponsor Activities:

  • Partnered with brands that had technological offerings, such as AT&T's mobile app and free Wi-Fi, emphasizing the tech focus.

  • Used Pepsi’s RFID wristband technology to give attendees a first-hand experience of tech integration in live events.

4. Spotlighting the Digital Transformation:

  • Hosted #AskDiddy panel, which utilized digital platforms like Twitter and Google Chat, showcasing the real-time merger of music, tech, and audience engagement.

  • Presented tech innovations in music distribution and consumption, highlighting the shift from traditional methods.


  1. The revamped RMC successfully bridged the gap between the music business's traditional and technological sides.

  2. Panels and discussions prompted insightful conversations about the future of music in the digital age.

  3. Strong participation from both music and tech industry leaders showcased the event's balanced approach.

  4. The tech integrations, especially from sponsors, enriched the attendee experience and solidified the conference's tech-forward image.


PCM’s visionary move to pivot the 2015 Revolt Music Conference toward a tech-focused narrative was timely and apt. As streaming reshaped the music landscape, RMC became the crucible for discussions on this evolution. PCM ensured that while music remained at the heart of the conference, technology became its driving force, thus establishing RMC as a forerunner in addressing the industry's future.


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