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Conjuring Success: Crafting the Brand and Launch Strategy for 'Rules of Alchemy' by PCM


"Rules of Alchemy" is a groundbreaking spell combo roguelike game that promises thousands of items, intricate RPG systems, and an engaging strategic combat setup. PCM was entrusted with the pivotal role of crafting its brand voice and devising its go-to-market strategy.


  1. To create a unique brand voice that captures the game's essence and resonates with its target audience.

  2. Design a comprehensive go-to-market strategy that ensures maximum visibility and engagement upon launch.

Strategies and Tactics

1. Understanding the Game:

  • PCM engaged in deep sessions with the developer, Jabari Alii, understanding the game's core mechanics, USP, and its unique selling propositions.

  • Analyzed similar genres and games on the market to identify potential differentiators.

2. Crafting the Brand Voice:

  • Chose a mystical, adventurous tone to mirror the game's spellbinding nature.

  • Emphasized the game's unique spell combo system and strategic depth in all communications.

3. Go-To-Market Strategy:

3.1 Digital Presence:

  • Leveraged the power of Steam, showcasing engaging game trailers, sneak peeks, and developer diaries.

  • Orchestrated a phased social media campaign, creating buzz with countdowns, behind-the-scenes content, and user-generated content initiatives.

3.2 Engaging the Gaming Community:

  • Hosted beta testing sessions for influential gamers and streamers, encouraging them to share their experiences and create organic hype.

  • Partnered with gaming forums and websites for exclusive reveals and developer interviews.

3.3 Multi-platform Launch:

  • Maximizing reach by releasing the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows simultaneously.

  • Collaborated with platform-specific influencers for dedicated promotional activities.

3.4 Post-launch Activities:

  • Monitored player feedback and addressed critical issues promptly.

  • Rolled out DLC teasers and updates to keep the community engaged and the game fresh.


  1. "Rules of Alchemy" gained significant traction, with a substantial number of pre-registrations and wishlists on Steam before its launch.

  2. The unique brand voice established a dedicated fanbase even before the game's release.

  3. Influencer engagement led to a wider audience reach, ensuring a successful launch across all platforms.

  4. Continued post-launch activities retained the game's active player base and ensured a consistent influx of new players.


PCM's meticulous approach in establishing a resonating brand voice and an effective go-to-market strategy ensured that "Rules of Alchemy" wasn't just another game in the market. Instead, it emerged as a sought-after title, with its magic capturing the imagination of gamers globally.


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