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Amplifying a Global Cause: The Digital Crusade for Every Woman Treaty


Every Woman Treaty is a global movement advocating for an international treaty to end violence against women and girls. Despite the significance of this issue, there was a distinct lack of global accountability measures in place. The campaign aimed to change this by rallying support from all corners of the globe. PCM was tasked with leading the digital marketing campaign to amplify this cause.


  1. Raise global awareness about the need for a legally binding instrument to combat violence against women and girls.

  2. Engage and mobilize women's rights activists, organizations, and the general public to support the treaty.

Strategies and Tactics:

1. Storytelling and Content Creation:

  • Developed a series of digital narratives, sharing the stories of the founders, activists, and victims.

  • Produced videos, infographics, and blog posts to elucidate the importance of a binding treaty and its potential global impact.

2. Social Media Engagement:

  • Launched hashtag campaigns such as #EveryWomanTreaty and #EndVAW (End Violence Against Women).

  • Collaborated with influencers and activists to amplify the message and engage a wider audience.

3. Email Marketing:

  • Created segmented lists to target different stakeholders - from advocates and scholars to everyday supporters.

  • Designed a drip campaign, sharing regular updates, stories, and calls to action.


  1. Garnered support from over 1,700 women’s rights advocates, lawyers, scholars, and organizations from 128 countries.

  2. Significant increase in website traffic, leading to an uptick in petition signatures and donations.

  3. Expanded social media following, with increased engagement rates on posts related to the campaign.

  4. The movement received media coverage from prominent global outlets, amplifying its reach.


PCM's digital marketing strategy for Every Woman Treaty successfully amplified the message of the importance of a global treaty to end violence against women and girls. Through powerful storytelling, social media campaigns, and other digital tools, the campaign fostered a global community of supporters, advocates, and activists rallying for change. The case demonstrates the potency of digital marketing in promoting social causes and catalyzing global movements.


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