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In the intersection of daring dreams and dynamic data, you'll find us - Push Consulting & Marketing. We're not just another agency; we're your portal to the future of marketing and tech. With the audacity of trendsetters, the ingenuity of innovators, and the edge of trailblazers. We’re here to redefine the game.

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Simply put: We move fast to change reality.

Exhibit A      |     AfriBlocks 

Witness how AfriBlocks grew from a simple MVP to a thriving freelance platform, hosting 20,000 freelancers from 7 African nations. Explore our collaborative journey from initial branding to securing backing from industry leaders like Google

Here our some of our favorite examples

Exhibit B      |     Kollectin 

Journey with us as we illuminate how Kollectin used Augmented Reality  to redefine their user experience and revolutionize  online jewelry retail. Delve into our collaborative efforts, from branding nuances to the groundbreaking "Xperience Mode".

Exhibit C     |     LegalEase

Explore how our dual expertise as CTO and CMO fueled LegalEase's transformation. Dive into our AI-powered journey that reimagined legal procedures, making expungement efficient, affordable, and widely accessible.

Wanna See More? Oh we've got more.

Wanna See More? Oh we've got more.

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