Fortnite x Marshmello Collab Creates New Lane For games & Music

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The music game is not the same for artists today as it was in the past. The artists of yesteryear saw a career in tune making as a lucrative path and it was. Currently, with music sales declining, fans being too broke to attend high-priced concerts and the pittance that music streaming pays, artists have a harder time turning their passions into substantial dollars. However, the music industry may have found an unlikely friend in the popular video game Fortnite.

It would seem that acts would stay far away from the shooter game sensation, due to the lawsuits brought forth by several rappers and entertainers who accuse the game’s creator, Epic Games, of ripping off their original dance moves for the emotes (digital dances that game characters can do) available for fans to purchase. Nevertheless, Epic Games continues to test the intersectional relationship between music and gaming and provide a new path for musicians to get paid.


To experiment, the company partnered with EDM artist Marshmello. The two sides met at a Fortnite tournament in the summer where Marshmello participated and performed for those in attendance. After talks, the partners decided to throw a live, in-game, virtual concert starring Marshmello. On February 2, the concert came to fruition. For ten minutes, gamers who logged in to shoot ‘em up with their comrades and digital foes were transported from the field of battle to the front of a stage where they could dance and watch a digital rendition of the DJ (donning his signature marshmallow helmet) as he performed live from a studio. The concert was free to attend, but as is customary for the game, special costumes and emotes were available for purchase.

The endeavor was a rousing success for both Epic Games and Marshmello. For the video game company, a staggering $30 million was generated in the ten-minute span due to the sale of virtual goods (compared to $5 million to $10 million on a regular day). Though the financial agreement between Epic and Marshmello is unreported, the performer experienced significant surges in online listening and video streams.

They may be onto something.   


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